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Endowment Model

February 26, 2016
At Charlotte-based SouthPark Capital, we proudly practice an investment approach known as the Endowment Model -- a type of investing met with significant success by the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors, including college endowments such as Stanford, Harvard and Yale.

A key goal within the Endowment Model is to increase portfolio performance while lowering portfolio volatility. SouthPark Capital uses this model to diversify. Independent financial advisors work with clients to spread performance assets -- ones expected to provide strong, long-term returns -- away from solely U.S. stocks into low, or lower, performance-oriented assets.

Utilizing their best knowledge, advisors examine emerging market stocks, foreign developed market stocks, real assets such as commodities and real estate, absolute return investments such as hedge funds and private equity to make proper investments per the model. Additionally, at SouthPark Capital, advisors minimize bond holdings with low return expectations to maximize returns

The Endowment Model is a proven tactic designed around the individual and has, thus far, proven successful among the clientele at SouthPark Capital.

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